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5 Reasons You Have To Download Mario Kart Tour

I love Mario Kart. A lot. I have since I can remember being alive. When I heard there was going to be an app I screamed. I was nervous because I didn’t want them to mess it up. But when I downloaded it this morning my fears disappeared!

I had to download Google Games and set up a Nintendo Account, but that didn’t take long.

Here are my 5 reasons Mario Kart Fans should ABSOLUTELY download this game.

1. It’s Mario Kart!

For real! Not some cheap imitation, it feels like playing the real deal. I was able to play and guess all the advanced moves just from how much I’ve played the other versions of Mario Kart.

2. Simple Controls

I’ll be honest, I wanted something more traditional. But after playing for a while, I really love the controls. Bonus, I can play this game one handed. Hello multitasking!

There are two different types of swipe controls. I prefer the simple one, but only time will tell.

3. Play With Friends

I finally made it to Level 3 and unlocked the friends option! You can race against other players worldwide or add friends from anywhere. I can’t wait to talk all my friends into getting this app so we can complete in rankings. And I hope we can race!

I was so excited when I finally got it unlocked! You all should add me!

4. Challenging

I’ll be honest, one reason I was disappointed with the Harry Potter game is it was so complicated I couldn’t make sense of it. Mario Kart Tour is super simple but it has enough goals that it stays engaging and challenging.

We will see how this holds up with time, but for now you:

  • Level up
  • Have to unlock tracks, cars, drivers, and more.
  • Score points inside races to raise your standing
  • Earn stars to unlock cool stuff
  • Earn coins to spend in the store
  • Earn Rubys to fire the cannon

And that is just what I’ve found this morning.

5. Low monetization Interruptions

Ok, the game needs to make money so of course you can pay to get everything right away, but I have found it very noninvasive.

I’d been playing for a while before this screen popped up and it was the first time they tried to get me to buy. I still got free stuff, I could just double it if I got a gold pass.

More Reasons to Play

Honestly, those points are just the beginning. Want to know more? Here are some bonus reasons you should play!

Smooth and Beautiful Interface

They have some of “coming soon” features, but using this game is super intuitive and interactive.

The cannon

You pay 5 rubies to shoot the cannon.

You pull down…and shoot the cannon!

Which is a highly dramatic…

…and fabulous way to just get some random prize. But this time…

…I won a kart!

Once I won the Kart it showed up in my Kart in inventory and I could use it.


Instead of having 4 races, each cup has 3 races and a training race.

This is cool because you can get a bunch of coins and points on these without having to do a full race.

It is M-A-R-I-O K-A-R-T!!!!

OK I already said that, but really. They have several “coming soon” features that are going to make it more like the real deal.

Seriously, if you want to waste time in the best possible way, go download this game. If you love Mario Kart, you won’t be disappointed.

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