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6 Reasons You HAVE to Come to Archon 43!

The first weekend in October is my favorite of the year.


Because it is the weekend of Archon!

I started going to Archon 3 years ago for Archon 41. It was my second convention after FanX and it surpassed my expectations. (See my review of Archon 42)

Why? Let me tell you six reasons why you should attend Archon.

1. People

My first year at Archon Coarey Trim was inspired by my cosplay and made me an epic supervillan!

This is always the top of my list, right? Well this time is no exception.

Archon is a fan run convention that has stayed true to its Sci-fi and Fantasy roots. As such it attracts people who love this stuff. You won’t find many big name stars here, just awesome fans and some stellar Indie Stars.

I’ve meet some of my best friends at Archon (Ariana and John, looking at you!)

The panelist, vendors, artists, and participants are all highly passionate about what they do. But they are a diverse bunch.

2. Professional Development (aka Panels)

Hallway contest at Archon 41

From professional customers, authors, artists, to tabletop game creators, these people are the best at what they do.

But, they are also the nicest people you will ever meet. They travel in from all over the country to talk about their crafts. There are over 100 panels across three days.

Which leads me to my next point…

3. Too Much To Do!

Hallway contest Archon 42

I have attended for three years and barely scratched the surface of the fun that is to be had.

Between the panels, the art room, the masquerade, the hallway costume contest, the room parties, kids programming, and everything else I haven’t discovered yet, you couldn’t possibly see everything that is happening.

If you are sitting, it is only because you are in a panel or exhausted from too much fun.

4. Masquerade

The awesome crew of the Masquerade helping me with costume malfunctions. They are the best!

I mentioned this in passing but that won’t do. This is by far the most organized, professional, talented masquerade you will find in the area.

The level of talent that runs it is unsurpassed. The level of talent that competes is jaw dropping. People work on these cosplays for YEARS, taking breaks between masquerades to help run it. Last year, one woman made her own leather boots. I’d have sworn they were store bought.

5. More Bang for your Buck

I have heard Archon get a bad rep for bing expensive, but compared to other conventions that really isn’t the case.

For people ages 17-20 it is only $35 for the whole weekend! For us over 21 folks will be $75 for all three days, but only Saturday admission is $45.

For a whole weekend? That is less than $3 an hour. In my personal opinion, I can’t afford NOT to go.

And finally, in conclusion…

6. I will be presenting a panel Saturday Morning!

That is right! I will be there presenting what people have said are the most difficult things about cosplay and how to overcome them!

Come see me, get a selfie, and maybe pick up one of the free pins I have! (They are in reference to some BIG CHANGES coming to the blog in January!) Limited quantity so get them while they last!

If you are in the St. Louis area and you love cosplay, writing, art, tabletop gaming, Sci-fi, fantasy, or a mix of all of them, do not miss the best event of the year.

These are just my opinions. I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned entities.

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