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Why 90s TV Is The Best

I love 90’s TV. I love it a lot. From Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Friends to Xena, to Star Trek: Voyager and beyond there is so much to love.

Here are a few of the reasons I love 90’s TV.

Lack of Political Correctness

That’s right, get offended all you want. Don’t watch, we don’t care…oh..except everyone does watch.

Women Power

The slayers are always a girl, Xena didn’t need a male sidekick, three sisters living together save the world again and again, Captain Janeway is the best Star Trek captain ever, Dana Scully was the smart one, and even Rachel Greene eventually made her way in the world on her own. No apologies, no justification, just a bunch of girls kicking butt.

No social commentary 2×4

Political, social, and moral messages were still pervasive in 90s tv…but if you choose not to pay attention you could still enjoy the show. As we saw with the reaction to the latest season  of Doctor Who, and the reboot (or attempted reboot) of some of these shows. People don’t want to be hammered over the head with your opinion.

Cheesy Sound Effects

Doesn’t everyone love a good sound effect? Well in the 90’s, they added sound effects to everything. And I mean everything. There are actually websites dedicated to the Xena sound effects.

What are your favorite 90’s TV shows?

These are strictly my opinions and I am not affiliated with any of these shows. 


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