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Archon 42 Lineup

This weekend is the one I have looked forward to for a year! Archon is a Con that seems tailor made to me. I spent some time last week going over the schedule and I have 3+ places I could be every hour.

I’ve spent all year gearing up for the Masquerade. I’m still quite nervous about it, but I can’t wait to show of my upgraded cosplay from last year.

The cosplays I am taking are all very important to me. They are my favorite new outfits, fitting for my favorite convention. Here is a brief breakdown of how you can find me this weekend!

Friday – River Song

I will be getting to the convention about 3:00 and I’m starting the convention with my newest cosplay.

River Song will be my first cosplay that I need to be in character for. This is quite intimidating to me, but I am excited to personify one of my favorite characters ever.

This will also be the first time I will be sporting a wig at a convention, and I am super excited to debut this fabulous wig by Jonathan E. I also have a diary and gun.

Saturday Morning – Hufflepuff

This cosplay will allow me to have my Neesa hair and makeup almost done, and it is one of my favorites.

I’ve upgraded the vest from my last convention, adding patches and pins. I’m proudly sporting my Archon 41 pin, and I’m excited to add the Archon 42 one.

I will also have some Harry Potter bracelets to give away, if you would like one, find me and ask!

Saturday Masquerade – Neesa

Last year when I brought this cosplay to Archon, I was encouraged to enter it in the Masquerade, but I wasn’t able to.

This year, I’ve had my schedule cleared for a year and made some upgrades. I’ve added bracers and a short skirt. I can’t wait to hear the feedback this year!

Sunday – Wonder Woman

This cosplay is still not certain. I have a casual version (in the picture) or a more full cosplay. It depends on how much time I have and if I have someone to help me into the corset.

I was inspired by my amazing birthday present and I love both versions.

See you there

As always, if you are going, please find me and take a selfish with me! You will most likely find me in panels or walking the halls talking to artists and authors.

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