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ASTL Review


I had a great time at Anime St. Louis. It was a great con. I didn’t get as much time there as I’d like, but I still got to meet a lot of amazing people.

One of the first panels I went to was on being who you are. Brichibi Cosplays and Snow Cosplays, two great cosplayers and authors talked about body positivity and how to positively deal with negative people.

They were so real and positive it felt like an instant connection. I resonated with everything they said. My favorite part was how they talked about supporting each other, other cosplayers, and how others supported them. Brichibi talked about how Snow Cosplays gave her the confidence to rock whatever cosplay she wanted. Snow, the one who makes all Brichibi’s costumes, talked about how it didn’t matter what cosplay you want to do, you can always find a way to make it fit you in a way that you can feel confident.

I also had a chance to talk to Snow Cosplays. She was so helpful and supportive. She gave me a ton on insights into the life of a freelance author and cosplayer. Check out their stuff here!
Instagram @snowstoryteller

Prop Building

I went to three panels on props. The first was Friday evening and all about Foam. @nwyfre was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining in his delivery. I got a ton of tips from his panel and you can see it for yourself on his facebook and instagram

@nwyfre Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook

For the second armor and prop building panel, the amazing crew from wizard world was there. Terrible Trio Creations has a ton of experience and the trial and error tips were not to be missed. My personal favorite tip was “Don’t expect it to work the first time. You are going to mess it up.” Their dry wit and knowledge made this panel not to be missed. Instagram

My last panel of the con was by KB Cosplay. This panel was very step-by-step. I loved it because she was all about the cheapest, easiest way to do things…while still making armor look EPIC! All these panels inspired me to try working with foam as soon as I can.

KB Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook

Twitch St Louis

My new friend @cersmessenger

I went to two panels by Twitch St. Louis. The first, by Foxe, was very inspiring. I have been looking for a platform to begin a short, conversation-style podcast, and after listening to this panel, I realized Twitch could be perfect.

So I went to their booth on the venor’s floor. I spent a long time talking to the guys there who were very knowledgeable and helpful. (I have since joined the Twitch St Louis Discord, and everyone is just as wonderful.)

The second panel was specifically about how to “Stream for Charity”, presented by MadDawgMike. I loved learning about this side of twitch, and getting a lot of other questions answered as well.

@twitchstlouis on Twitter

Creating Original Characters

I went to a great panel by Chari and Feadena. I made these friends at Wizard World and got to go to their first panel at Anime St. Louis! It was all about creating new Characters in existing worlds. They specifically talked about their characters, created in the sailor Moon world, but they also talked about Ruby and character creation in general.

I loved the unique insights by discussing creating Original Characters in writing and cosplays in the same panel. It reminded people that character creation is the same across the board, whether writing them in fanfic over several years and thousands of words or whether you are spending hours and hours creating a costume that is unique, but also could fit into an existing fictional world.

Check out their social media accounts here:

The Floor

The second day, I found an adorable little floof by @lyns_art He is a cute little dino (on a pancake!) who has his own book! I got to chat with the artist a bit and she is wonderful! Check out her pages to see this adorable little guy!

Another really cool thing I found on the second day was an awesome grown up Lego group, Gateway Lego Users Group. As a long time Lego fanatic, I was thrilled!

And So…

I had an amazing time at ASTL. As usual, my favorite part of the convention was all the amazing people I met. I hope to meet many more in the future.

Did you go to Anime St Louis 2018? Comment below about all the fun you had!

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