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How To Cosplay – Amazon Warrior

One of my favorite parts of Xena is in the first season when Gabrielle accidentally becomes an Amazon Princess.

I’ve been obsessed with the Amazon legends as long as I can remember. The concept of strong female warriors who could out fight their male contemporaries was nothing short of inspiring.

One of my first cosplays was an Amazon warrior. It was thrown together with different pieces I had in my cosplay closet.

Base layer

As you can see, I used my base layer that I use for almost all my cosplays.


I have an undershirt that keeps me covered. It also allows me to move without worrying about decency.


I also added black leggings because I wanted to create a neutral area that wouldn’t attract attention from the rest of the cosplay.

Main Vest

I bought the main vest in a costume sale at a local theater. I loved the texture of the fabric and the fur. The lace up sides make it flexible. I loved that piece from the moment I saw it.


I had my boots from Taurel (which were hand-me-downs from a friend). They were over the knee and reminded me a lot of the boots worn in Xena.

The bracers are also from my Taurel cosplay. I liked them because it added and element of armor that otherwise wasn’t there. Also I dislike leaving arms completely bare in and cosplay unless necessary. It helps the cosplay look finished.

I also had leather strap that I cut down, put holes in it and tied it on for a headband.

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