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How to Cosplay – Amy Farah Fowler

The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007. In 2010, Mayim Bialik joined the cast of the super popular show.

In 2012 I was crazy busy in college pursuing two bachelors degrees. I was refusing to watch the show because it was popular. I thought the clips I had seen were uninteresting and even boring.

Then one day I was home sick, laying on the couch, and I turned the TV on as background noise. The Big Bang Theory was on. I rolled my eyes but decided it wasn’t worth the energy to change the channel.

Suddenly, Amy Farah Fowler was on screen. Making communication jokes that made me feel smart for understanding them. I laughed and loved her character.

I was hooked. I started gobbling up episodes and couldn’t get enough. It became one of my favorite shows.

In 2019, I cried along with the rest of humanity when this show aired it’s last episode.

I will always be grateful to Mayim Bialik for bringing her intellectual experience and her sense of humor to the show. I am grateful her character got me hooked into something that has provided me hours upon hours of laughing and relaxation.

How To Cosplay


I used mustard, but you can have any absurd color. It was quite hot, so I didn’t use an undershirt, but you could use a white one easily.

Main Layer

A plaid shirt on top in a color that doesn’t match, but doesn’t clash with the tights. I used a more maroon/red colored one.

The skirt is an A-line plan cut. Any neutral straight cut skirt works. about mid-shin length. The less flow, the better.

Top Layer

A solid color sweater tops off this outfit. Again, it shouldn’t match other of the other colors, but it shouldn’t horribly clash either.


I used a bag I got as a hand-me-down for this outfit, but any bag or briefcase that crosses the body will work.

All these statements are my opinion and I’m not affiliated with any of these franchises.

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