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How To Cosplay – Casual Wonder Woman

This Saturday, I am attending Mighty Con in St. Louis. I had people on my Instagram vote on what cosplay I should wear. This one won by a landslide.

I originally designed this cosplay as a comfy outfit for the last day of a three-day convention. It is like wearing pajamas to the convention. This nod to Wonder Woman is one of my few super hero outfits.

It was very easy. I pulled most of this outfit off a clearance rack at Walmart. I only ordered the iron-on logo and the leggings.

Base outfit

I started with my buttery soft leggings. I ordered them in dark blue for this outfit. I used one of my standard white undershirts for this outfit that I use for a lot of others. It always helps to keep a good base layer.

Over layer

Again, the over shirt was off the clearance rack. I lucked out buy designing this about the same time these two colors were going out of season.

The gold skirt I made from a sheet I bought from a thrift shop for $2. I started with this wrap around concept, but I am highly self-conscious about wearing only leggings, so I made the fabric strip into a skirt.

Outer layer

I had the jacket (a present from my grandma) so that was easy and cheap. The gloves/bracers I made from an extra shirt from the dollar clearance rack at Walmart and more gold sheet. It was some weird sewing so don’t look too close.

The headband came from the leftovers of the maroon shirt, now gloves. I started with a thin headband, but I like this one better.

Selfie time!

If you are going to Mighty Con, be sure to find me and get a picture. I love meeting people and taking pics. I know a lot of you online, but it is amazing to meet in person.

Please don’t wait for me to ask! I promise if you say you know me online and want a picture you will make my day!

All comments and descriptions are my personal opinion. I am not affiliated with Mighty Con or any other groups mentioned.

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