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How to Cosplay – Genderbent Hook

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

This is one of my favorite outfits! I’m going to start with the process of the hook and then move to the actual costume.

How to make a hook


A friend of mine helped me design and build this amazing hook! The base of it is a Soda bottle, jar lid, tape (I used Gaffers but we also used Electrical), wood handle, and metal bicycle hook.

The hook was ground down to give it a better shape and dull it. The tape was used to stabilize the bottle and keep it from making plastic noises. The wood handle was drilled into and screwed onto the bottom of the hook. This isn’t really stable, but I designed it that way to make it safer at cons.


My friend got a leather jacket for $5 at a local thrift store and we spent a few minutes deconstructing it with seam rippers. We did the cool embellishments on the top by cutting the pointy ends off with metal cutters and hot gluing them on.


I started with my usual base costume. Black leggings and a black cap sleeved shirt. These should probably be part of your regular wardrobe, but if you need them, here are a couple options (they are also cheap at local stores and thrift stores):


You can find black leggings pretty much anywhere for cheap. I don’t recommend buying them online, but if you want to you can find then on any website. I’m not going to post anything else about it. Good luck.


Example Photo: Prices and information is just an EXAMPLE and will change without update

I always wear a cap sleeve t-shirt under my cosplays for modesty purposes. The prices fluctuate on these significantly so be sure to do your homework.

This is the one I have purchased:
Modbod Modest Layering Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt – Extra Length (Large, Black)

Here are a few other (sometimes cheaper) versions:

Fashion Women’s Slim Tops Cap Sleeve Casual Modal Solid Tee shirt Blouse

Over clothes


Example Photo: Prices and information is just an EXAMPLE and will change without update

I love this part of the costume. It was this corset that gave me the inspiration for this outfit.

Links coming soon


I found a shirt in my closet that had shear sleeves to show the hook. You can use any long sleeve shirt or, if you have a coat, short sleeve shirt


Didn’t have a coat and I didn’t think I could afford one, so I added the vest with buttons for additional embellishment.

Links coming soon



This necklace was cheap and perfect! I have no idea if hook wears one or not but I loved it.

Link coming soon


The weekend before the con I found a leather trenchcoat! I was so thrilled I couldn’t beleive it. I got it at a thrift store for $10. I bought some buttons and used leather left over from the hook to lengthen the sleeves. It was perfect!


Any pair of black boots will work. I am currently adding a flap of leather to make them look more “Pirate”.

If you make this costume, send me a picture! I’d love to see it!

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