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How To Cosplay – Misty from Pokemon

This cosplay was planned well in advance, but the final touches were thrown together last minute from a thrift store.

Key Parts of the Cosplay

I always say there are some key things to focus on when making a cosplay. The key parts of a Misty cosplay are:

  • her yellow shirt,
  • Jean bottoms,
  • red suspenders, and
  • orange side ponytail.

My design covered a lot more skin than the real outfit, but I still got the point across. I added a few details to make sure the point got across.


The original character has a yellow crop tank top. I don’t like showing that much skin. I was able to find a solution by sticking to the same color scheme but changing the cut.

I found a yellow, flowy, semi-sheer over shirt the day before the con. I paired it with a yellow undershirt from my closet.

I really like the look that this created and I think it worked perfectly for the look I was going for.


The original character has very short Jean cutoffs. Not only do I dislike showing skin, but it was also a bit chilly.

So I solved this problem by just wearing a pair of jeans I found at the thrift store the night before.


One of the most iconic parts of this character is the red suspenders. There isn’t really anything that you could replace these with.

Luckily, I found a pair of red suspenders online for about $3. They took a while to get in, but they worked perfectly.

Orange ponytail

This is the part of the cosplay that flopped. Royally. If I ever cosplay her again I’m going to try to get a wig.

I paid almost $10 for a can of spray. While it actually showed up (unlike the blonde from Rey/Annabeth), it didn’t cover as well as I would have liked. And it shed EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t touch it. I was super panicked I would bump into a nice cosplay and get it orange.

Pokéball Accessories

I ordered a backpack and necklace for cheap off AliExpress. I think these were the pieces that sold the cosplay. Even though they weren’t part of her real outfit, they helped identify the fandom.

Because I messed with the original costume design so much, I needed to add something (in addition to the suspenders) to help identify the character.

I hope this was helpful! Have you done a Misty cosplay? I’d love to see it!

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