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Cosplay Photographer Spotlight – Geeky Mermaid Productions

I’m thrilled to have another Cosplay Photographer on my blog! Check out the awesome insights found within.


Jazlyn Viera, Geeky Mermaid Productions

What is your favorite beverage?

Mango Juice

@papermoon02 as cerise

Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a passionate spirit who always has to be doing something! In addition to cosplay photography I’m also a video editor, part time party princess and aspiring director!

When did you start cosplay photography?

Around 2015

What got you into photography?

My old boss used to tell me “you have to understand it still before you understand it in motion” when referring to making my own projects. So i decided before tackling videography I should do photography

@kellykirstein and @maphix as lapis and jasper

What made you go into cosplay photography specifically?

I have been going to cons since 2013 as a cosplayer, making my friends feel absolutely stunning in photos was something that made me so happy and creative.

How long have you been doing photography?

Almost 4 years!

What types of cosplay do you like to shoot?

I absolutely love shooting steven universe cosplays for the bright colors and the love I have for the show. Besides that I really love shooting really beautiful, feminine cosplays. Dress twirls all day!

What is your photo shoot goals, or something you would love to shoot?

I would love to have my own spread in a cosplay magazine. Ive been featured a couple times but to have two full pages dedicated to what i do would be a dream! I would also love, and am currently working towards going to katsucon to shoot at the famous gazebo

@LadyElora as usagi
@lostlittlerabbit as violet evergarden

What is your favorite kind of cosplay photo shoot?

Any kind where the client is passionate about showing off what they’ve made or even bought! An excited client shows through their photos with their poses and expressions.

What do you love about cosplay photography?

Every shoot is so different. Even if you’re shooting a character you’ve done before, every cosplayer is so unique and puts their own special tough to the costume. I can use the same angle for two different cosplayers and they both come out so different.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay photography?

Low Light shoots are the death of me. I’m a bog fan of natural light and using flash’s is still not fully integrated into my style

Do you have any camera equipment you can’t live without?

My 50 mm at 1.4 It is definitely my sharpest lens and keeps me able to shoot when it gets dark/

@kirajuzu and @jaspyp as joker and queen

If you could live in/visit any fantasy world, where would you go:


If you could give cosplayers tips about working with a photographer, what would they be?

Arrive on time, know your character, and of course have fun! A photoshoot shouldn’t be a chore. And of course tipping your photog is an amazing feeling they will treasure.

What are your “fandoms”:

Steven Universe, my little pony, marvel disney, RWBY, various animes

What misconceptions do you feel cosplayers have about working with a photographer that you’d like to clear up?

Not all photographers are creeps looking for sexy pictures. Those who are aren’t photographers but people abusing an art form for their own personal sick gain

@LadyElora as usagi

What is your creative process?

I always look up reference photos of a character before my shoot! At the con or location I try my best to take a walk around to find the best spots and try my best to not give multiple clients the same exact location. I shoot with 2 cameras so I dont have to change lenses as often and edit my photos one card at a time. That way at the halfway point of editing everyone has photos and not just the first half of clients!

What are some proper etiquette tips for booking a photoshoot and participating in one?

Be sure to have your deposit in on time. Arrive on time. If you’re in a group make sure you don’t get sidetracked. Be sure to talk about comfort levels with your photographer beforehand to make sure communication is key.

Where can people find your photography? geekymermaidproductions/ Geekymermaidproductions/

@a_smile_and_a_song as peach

What is your greatest achievement (regarding cosplay photography)?

Winning best in show at the Metricon 2018 photo contest. It was completely unexpected for me and I am forever grateful

What do you shoot with?

I shoot with a Canon 7d and a Canon T3i. They’re names are Bobby and Lenny

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