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How To Cosplay – River Song Utah Outfit Part 1 The Wig

I know that this post might look like I was paid for it, I was not. I paid for the product and I will not get any sort of compensation if you purchase from the same place I did. I just had a great experience and wanted to share

I have wanted to cosplay River Song since I watched her first episode. I am a new Whovian, but that still has been a while.

Ask anyone who has attempted a River Song cosplay. They will tell you the hardest and most important part of the cosplay is Alex Kingston’s gorgeous hair.

Not only is her hair distinctive and beautiful, but it is almost never made by mass distribution wig companies.

This makes it incredibly difficult to find and, thus, very expensive.

Wig 1

My first wig I got off a Facebook group, from another River Song cosplayer. As you can see, it is about as close as you can get from a mass produced wig. I am going to style it for her ponytail cosplays.

But it, honestly, isn’t even close. And everyone can see it isn’t close. It is a nod to the fact that she has amazing hair, but certainly not character accurate.

So I decided I needed something a little more advanced.

That was when Sarah Lewis recommend Jonathan Eberhardt.

The perfect wig

When I contacted Jonathan, he was extremely responsive, and very easy to work with.

One of the hallmarks of Jonathan’s work is he can work with most budgets and his art allows him to create awesome works of art.

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. I am a “Thrifty” Cosplayer. I never thought I would ever commission a wig styled just for one of my cosplays.

After talking to Jonathan, I was some what calmed by his confidence that he could work up something that would fit my budget.

After about a month, I got a few pictures from the stylist…and almost died of happiness.

Believe it or not, these pictures almost made me MORE nervous! There was no way these beautiful pictures were my wig. It was too perfect!

I mean…just look at them!







The process

Jonathan sent me photos of the process. I was so impressed I had to share.

I talked to Jonathan about his process. He said “I tried to get it as realistic as possible.”

That was the thing that was so impressive to me about him.  He was an artist and took the challenge to make the best art he possibly could.

It felt like we were a team.

He told me he started with something completely different.

“It’s a completely different wig then it started out… The base wig that I used was 4 inches shorter. It was that traditional cheap yellow blonde and it didn’t have a lace front and it was a much looser curl”

But he was able to find a lace front wig and made it one lace front wig.

“The reason I started off with a shorter wig and added hair to it” Jonathan explained to me, “was to be able to get all of the fullness of rivers hair without it being weighed down.”

This made a lot of sense because, as everyone who sees the wig exclaims, that is a LOT of hair!

Jonathan concluded, “So the shorter under layers of curls hold up the lighter weight longer curls.”

Well, however he did it, it ended up perfect!

The whole cosplay is carried by the awesomeness of this wig.





Me with my wig

When I got my wig I was crazy nervous. I had tons of thoughts tumbling around in my head.

Me. I had ordered a custom wig! 

It looked amazing in the pictures.

But what if it isn’t actually that amazing? 

I am going to let the following block of pictures, taken right after I got the wig, to speak for me:











Need a wig? Go to The Wiggery by Jonathan Eberhardt

You won’t regret it.

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