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How To Cosplay – River Song Utah Outfit Part 2: Gun Belt

This is going to be a quick tutorial with mostly pictures.

Honestly it is kind of embarrassing to post my process because it is so messy and unprofessional. But I want to make a point.

Even as messy and badly done as it is, it still looks great with the outfit and gets the point across. And I MADE it from SCRATCH. Without a pattern. And I am very proud of that.

To make River Song’s gun belt I started with a $5 brown leather jacket from the thrift store.

I spent a movie or two picking it apart with my Seam ripper. I ended up with strips like this:

Which I cut, shaped, and sewed into something that resembled a belt. See?

Then I took the larger panels of the jacket and cut them into squares and cut out the pockets. I sewed the two largest pieces to a small skinny piece to form a larger bag.

Here is a closer view:

And a view inside:

Then I sewed on a flap to give it the right look:

Here is a good picture of the pocket I stole from the jacket to give me more storage space in the bag:

This shows you how big that pocket actually is:

And I didn’t have to add the snap because it was already installed on the jacket!

I also added (poorly, I might add) a few loops to keep the bag in place on the belt. If I’d done this correctly they would have been put on first. ..

I then stole the belt buckle from another belt and sewed it on. I also fitted the leather “hole” section inside the belt to give it a little more toughness.

Then I sewed a small pouch with a strap for the gun holster. I cut a hole in the belt and then sewed the crap out of it to reinforce it. Then I sewed the loop in the right height.

Not the greatest when you look up close, but overall it had the look it needed, it didn’t take a super long time (maybe 8 hours?), and it cost less than $10.


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