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Cosplayer Spotlight – AlyMoon Cosplay 

It is Friday! And as if that weren’t amazing enough, check out this talented and beautiful cosplayer!

Please introduce yourself.

AlyMoon Cosplay / x_AlyMoon_x

What is your favorite beverage?

That would be properly be Coca Cola, i love the bubbles ! Sometimes i realy need it :D.

When did you start cosplaying?

My very 1st cosplay was at the end of 2015, i bought one. But for a convention it did not arrive on time, so i made a closet cosplay. I used my own clothes and made quick accesoires that makes it noticable which character i was. Not very proud about that tho…. xp

But that time i was very excited for my very first convention !

I actually realy started it last year when i moved in by my boyfriend 🙂

Why did you start cosplaying?

I realy wanted to do that much sooner but was to young, no money and no knowledge. But i was very interested in dressup at young age ! So when i discovered this i was so happy ! I had to try it 🙂 i am a huge animeLover so most of my costumes are Anime Related

Who are your cosplay idols?

Kinpatsu cosplay, Lena Cosplay cause they make amazing costumes and kinpatsu her props are amazing !

What type of cosplay do you do?

As i told before, i watch anime since i was 12, currently I am 22 . So mostly of my costumes are from anime !

But i also cosplay vocaloids like Miku, IA and Gumi ^^

Also 1 game related cosplay i bought. D.VAmagical version ^^

Photo by craopictures

What are your favorite cosplays?

That would be properly my latest, Atalanta from Fate Apocrypha, and IA vocaloid ^^ even tho my atalanta is not well made i loved to make her bow , and style her wig !

I made IA so amazingly good, i was shocked xD

What is something you want to cosplay but probably never will?

That was Inori from guiltycrown, cause she has a design that is a little exposing, but i actually bought it last wezk to overcome it !

Do you make or buy your cosplays?

I do now make as much myself as i can ! But i still buy sometimes a full costume. But i love making it myself and learning more and more ! I also try to personalize my wigs by sewing in wefts, coloring it and styling. The styling and cutting part is still learning tho.

What do you love about cosplay?

Creating almost everything yourself, meeting people with same interests, just being dressed up, be the character,…. to manny thing to tell, i just LOVE IT.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay?

If it is a bit revealing , i need courage to wear it. But further i don’t have a difficult thing about cosplay.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

I think that would be Junko, she is total turnaround different of me xD very badass and i just love it ! Cannot help that 🙂

If you could live in/visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

Right know i want to go to the the world ‘the magus Bride’ i cannot recall the japanese name :p the tale, the art, everything is amazing !

Or the anime which made me fall in Love with Anime.

TOKYO MEWMEW ! I am planning mew Lettuce !

I watched this anime like 5 times already !

Where do you get your inspiration for your cosplays?

Mostly by other cosplayers ! When i see they did the one i am planning i look through there progress and leanr allot of things !

What is something you wish beginning cosplayers knew?

Research as much as you can, ask another cosplayer for tips, make sure you know how to handle wigs ! Also start small, do not begin with a very difficult cosplay !

What tips/tricks do you have for other cosplayers?

I do not realy have any tips and tricks but what i can tell is, even if you think your cosplay is not good…. it is good ! Even when there are people saying so. They are wrong ! Keep doing what you like !

Photo by spacekiwiphotography

What is something you wish non-cosplayers knew?

Cosplay is not consent ! Very important . Just ask for a picture and no touching stuff and bodyparts !

Also do not lauch at someone who has just started cosplaying and so not very skilled, they are learning and has to grow ! If yoy laugh you may scatter a dream and confidence…. thats not nice.

What cosplays are you working on?

At moment i am gonna start on remaking My junko and Chelsea Cosplay. Also have fabric for Yang of RWBY i recently almost finished My ariel kiss the girl cosplay 😀

What cosplays do you want to do if money and time were no object?

Star guardian LuLu ! More miku skins, allot more animecharacters I Love 😀 omg to many to count xD

Where can people find your cosplays?

On my Facebookpage and Instagram !

Under the same name x_AlyMoon_x

I also have twitter but i am kinda not used to it

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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