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Cosplayer Spotlight – SwaggyCosplayer

I’m pleased to introduce one of the biggest characters I’ve met since beginning my account. Enjoy his fantastic interview. 

So, what’s your name?

Swaggycosplayer. Yes sound silly, but there’s a reason to that. Swag is a way of saying your own style based on your confidence in yourself. I cosplay with my own swag and own look.

When did you start cosplaying?

December 19th of 2016 is the day I made my account, but my 2nd con was in August of that year. I went as Tia from Digimon to try out the whole dressing up thing.

Why did you start cosplaying?

I’ve always been a nerd, watching all my favorite superheroes, reading comics and all that. I could nerd talk your ear off. Maybe this was because I was so fascinated by what superheroes could accomplish. So when I went to my first con in 2016, I saw all these people dressed up and was like, wait this is a thing…I’m going to try this.

Who are your cosplay idols?

I honestly don’t have any. Some people in this world feel they’re better than others and I’ve come realize that people I enjoyed seeing, the ones who have a large amount of followers, aren’t the best type of person.

What type of cosplay do you prefer?

I mainly do superheroes like static shock, kid flash and Danny phantom, but I’ve expanded and dabbled in some anime such as naruto, Dragonball z and Digimon.

What are your favorite cosplays?

The first three I described in the last question, static shock, kid flash and Danny phantom.

What is something you want to cosplay but probably never will?

I want to do a wargreymon cosplay. He’s a character from Digimon and he was such a dope character that I instantly loved him from the get go. His style and power were dope! Everyone knew things got real when he showed up in an episode! But creating that character would require too much change in my cosplay look and I wouldn’t be the swaggycosplayer at that point.

What do you love about cosplay?

Meeting some good cosplayers that are down to earth and enjoy having fun like I do. That’s the best part. I want to eventually go help kids by cosplaying in front of them and showing them they could be a superhero just by being a decent human being.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay?

I put in a lot of work and only a few really notice. But it’s just a hobby for me at this point, so I’m not gonna fault them. I’ll just continue to do my thing and whoever notices, notices.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

That’s easy, static shock. He’s been my favorite hero since I was 11. I was just happy to have an African American super hero who helped out the little guys (and on occasion help out the whole world) to look up to.

Where do you get your inspiration for your cosplays?

Comics, television, movies and the internet… I just look up different incarnations and figure out how I want to wear them. If I was that character, how I cosplay them is how I’d dress if I was that super hero.

What are your “fandoms”?

I’m mainly a DC comics guy. I’m big into old school anime like Gundam, Digimon Dragonball z, inuyasha, yuyu hakusho, naruto, yugioj and some television shows like samurai Jack and video games like kingdom hearts.

What is something you wish beginning cosplayers knew?

To have fun, create things your way and accept those that accept your cosplays. The cosplay world can be hectic if the wrong people come at you, don’t let them bring you down at all.

What tips/tricks do you have for other cosplayers?

Regardless of what anyone else thinks, it’s your cosplay. You’re the one wearing it, so feel comfortable with your body and with what your putting on to last a whole con.

What is something you wish non-cosplayers knew?

We don’t care what you think about us.

What cosplays are you working on?

Just one right now and that’s a future flash costume I saw while reading the flash rebirth series.

What cosplays do you want to do if money and time were no object?

Again Wargreymon. He’s just so tough to do and will cost a pretty penny.

Where can people find your cosplays?

Just follow me on Instagram, swaggycosplayer…I don’t bite!

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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