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Why I Decided to Start a Patreon Page

I have started a new Patreon page! I struggled with this decision for months. It came down to one question.

Why not?

The first question that I focused on was “Why would anyone give me money?” The reason I haven’t started one before now is because I couldn’t answer that question. I find it hard to find value in what I do.

But recently I have started hanging out with people who have helped me see that my blog does have a lot of value.

Sharing Positivity

I like to make everyone feel amazing.

I am a coswriter. A promoter of Geek pride and community. I promote positivity and awareness through fantasy, fanfic, how-tos, interviews, con reviews, and sharing my love of geekiness and merch through videos and writing.

Having a little extra support will allow me to spend more time on spreading that message to the world!


Cosplay Ideas Fans

$1 or more per month
Access to my patron only activity feed.
Come chat with me and see exclusive updates, just for patrons!
★ Private video content exclusively on Patreon app. ★
Extra entry in monthly drawing.
Patrons get an extra entry into my monthly themed drawing.

Super Collaborators

$3 or more per month
Early Access to Blog Posts and Short Stories
Get access to my posts at least 2 weeks before they are public. You will have a chance to comment on the Google Docs and give feedback! Who knows, your edit may end up changing the article!
All previous rewards!

Rockstar Discord Patron

$5 or more per month
Access to my Patreon Only Discord!
Want to chat with me and get regular access to all my musings and random questions? I will be chatting away in my Discord channel! Join me!
All previous rewards!

Author Fans

$10 or more per month
Signed Copy of Sacrifice
Get a signed copy of Sacrifice: and Other Short fantasy Stories
All previous rewards!

I’ll be adding more as time goes on.

Check out my Patreon page here.

Thank you

If you ever like my posts, share my posts, or comment on my stuff, that is plenty of support! I don’t want anyone to feel like I am requesting monetary support. Just spreading my messages is perfect.

I’m getting a Patreon so people who would like to donate toward my cause can do so.

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