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Disney, Please Give Us A “Baby Yoda” Plushie NOW!

Major spoilers ahead….and in the title. Read at your own risk

I’m begging you. I’m on my hands and knees. It’s almost Christmas for goodness sake! Do you know how many of us are currently amending our Christmas letters to Santa right now?

In all seriousness though, “Baby Yoda” (which I will call it because we do not even have a species name yet) is one of the cutest things to happen to the Star Wars universe since the Porg, and in my opinion it is a LOT cuter.

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen The Mandalorian yet, you really should. (And shame on you for reading spoilers!)

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Here it comes…

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Here are four of my favorite reasons you need to watch this new show.

1. Baby Yoda

I’m not including massive spoilers here, just a bit of background. No, it isn’t actually a young Yoda. The Mandalorian is set after the original Trilogy. Yoda has passed away. There are all sorts of fan theories out there. The most popular theory being it is a Yoda clone, the most bizarre being it is Yoda’s son.

But we really don’t know. Star Wars has never identified the species type and we have only ever seen two examples of the species, Yoda and Yaddle (both of whom sat on the Jedi council for you non-Star Wars nuts).

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Original concept art. #themandalorian @calzmann

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From this fact, a lot of fans have extrapolated that this species is rare and are very powerful force users.

But Disney has left themselves a LOT of latitude with this particular character, since cannon-wise there is almost no information on the species.

I am not joking when I say I spent almost the entire second episode watching Baby Yoda. It is one of the best reasons I have to convince you to watch the show.

2. The Mandalorian Himself

Another character who is currently still quite mysterious is the headliner himself. Known only as “The Mandalorian” or “Mando” for short, all we know about him is he is a young bounty hunter who is very well trained, but still green. We know he is green because he occasionally gets his butt kicked, which I think only makes him more endearing.

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“Species age differently.” #TheMandalorian

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There is a very brief flashback montage during episode one where we see images of what I assume are his childhood, but nothing concrete.

The acting is great. This is especially difficult for a character who never takes off his mask.

3. Real Effects

Puppets, prosthetics, makeup, oh my!!!

You heard me. Puppets. This show is trying to stay true to the original Star Wars heritage by using “movie magic” instead of relying on CGI to create a world.

Instead, it uses the perfect blend of movie magic supported by CGI to create a universe that blends perfectly with the rest of the Star Wars empire.

4. The Script

As Star Wars fans, we have lived through some painfully written scripts. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit I actually turned episode 3 off during a particularly awkward and stilted scene.

The Mandalorian is not contained within the Skywalker storyline, so the style has some flexibility. I’ve loved every moment so far.

The episodes are short, 37 and 32 minutes, but are packed with movement. There isn’t a down moment. It is action packed from beginning to end.

But it isn’t all action. The comedy relief is perfectly timed and highly quotable. “I have spoken.”

And last but not least, the characters are all very well written. Even comedy relief characters who only appear in one episode.

In short

If you like Star Wars, you MUST watch The Mandalorian. Episode 3 comes out tomorrow.

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