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Dork Side Baby Shower – Fan Submitted Idea

One of my readers sent me a bunch of pictures from a baby shower that she threw. She wanted to remain anonymous, but was willing to share all her hard work.

This party was a combination of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon.

Sorting Hat Present Table

This is where they had people put the presents. The sign reads “Presents Here We’ll sort them out later” in a Harry Potter font.

See the How-to for the sorting hat here.

Tardis Adipose Toss

This was one of my favorites. I especially love the little Adipose beanbags.

Hobbit Hole

This turned out very epic, in my opinion. She made a full playhouse sized hobbit hole for the kiddos at the party.

I have a short tutorial coming soon.

Harry Potter Sign In Table

Hogwarts thank you notes

Free dobby sock count game

She made this dobby, and thought up a cute game to go with it. He who guesses the number of socks in the jar wins a prize. And the baby and mom to be get to keep the socks.

Star Wars Diaper Raffle and Cake

While the Yoda is store bought, she hand drew the storm troopers on the balloons. That is dedication! Also, notice the confetti is Star Wars. That was hand made too.

See the little Tie Fighters, Yoda heads, and Rebel symbols. Yup, they made that.

Is this not the cutest thing? It could easily be a table, but I love it in the window seat.

Lord of the Rings Birth Date Guess

Everyone could pick a date and write their name to reserve it. When the baby comes, the person with the correct guess wins bragging rights for life.

Elf Grove

This was the area they kept the mom-to-be in. It was away from everything else and gave her a place to interact with all her friends.


This part is going to be a ton of pictures. Enjoy the yummy creativity!

Not only did they have creative food…half of it was gluten free! They had the Pokémon guarding the boundary.


1. Dark chocolate and white chocolate and a light switch cover with dark side and light side

2. Hobbit flip flops with bath bombs to soak your Hobbit feet.

3. A doormat to welcome your friends that said “speak friends and enter” and Clorox wipes for after they leave.

I hope this has helped inspire your geek party! I would love to see your geek stuff!

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