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Engage! First Friday – Star Trek

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I am not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this con for months…and it caught me completely off guard. I got home from an extended vacation on the Monday before the convention.

Thanks to vacation catch up, my plans for an amazing Captain Janeway cosplay went out the window. I was left scrambling. With no time and less money, could I go without a cosplay? I hated the thought. I could go as The Doctor (13th) or River Song and say they lost their way. I thought going as a black hole (all black clothes), or the holodeck (adding masking tape stripes to those black clothes), and even the tar guy (trash bags anyone?).

Then it hit me. Dixon Hill.

I always say everyone needs a trench coach in their cosplay closet and this is why. I was able to throw this together from pieces of other cosplays.

For those who don’t know, on the rare occasion Captain Picard takes a break he goes to the holodeck and indulges in a Dixon Hill novel. So actually, I was cosplaying Captain Picard.

And I’m glad I went. Although I got there late, I got to see a lot of my friends, and meet some awesome new ones.

I had to go collect my art from Arleana Holtzmann (Facebook Instagram). I was so happy she finally drew Janeway. I love all of them. I had a special place all picked out for them. I’m in love with my Arleana Holtzmann collection.

As I zoomed through the science center, I breifly got to see Anne at Everything’s Shiny Creations (Facebook Instagram Twitter) and Gayle Weed. I didn’t get a chance to really chat, but it was great to see them.

I really enjoyed seeing and chatting with my friend John from the Antiquarian Couture. His jewelry is gorgeous, and if I could wear it all the time I would. I wear my Timelord Gallifreyan piece from here every chance I get. He has offered my followers a 25% discount! Use the code ISORIVERS on his website. You won’t regret it.

As I was helping Arleana load out, I stopped Craig Poddig Poddig’s Paintings and asked for a card. The three of us ended up chatting and I learned how awesome he is. Earlier in the evening his Stranger Things painting pulled me in. If you like Stranger Things, you HAVE to check out his Facebook page.

Even though the evening was short I had a great time at First Friday, as usual.

My newest Arleana Holtzmann wall

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  1. Arleana Holtzmann August 8, 2019

    Thank you so much!
    I love hanging out with you!

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