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First Drawing and “Fan Favorite” Cosplay Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who applied to my first giveaway and contest! I have learned a TON. I really appreciate the opportunity to showcase these amazing cosplayers. To all who entered, thank you so much!

First order of business…


Cosplay Sewing School has generously provided us with a Grand Prize. One hour of one-on-one sewing Lessons with the amazing Ariana Bauer!

This prize is not based on number of likes. One random entry was chosen to win this amazing prize. I used to pick a winner. No particular reason I used that one, except it was one of the top Google results.

I actually couldn’t press the button, I was too nervous. I made a friend of mine do it. I wish I could give everyone a chance to work with Ariana. (You can always check out her site for opportunities)

Congratulations SPIDEY_MOM!!! Contact me for your prize!

And now, the Fan Favorite contest!

I had a situation. I offered certificates for the top three winners. I anticipated having first, second, and third place. However, we had a THREE WAY TIE! What are the odds of that? I will be awarding certificates to all three of our top winners via email.

One of the requirements for entry was to tell me why you love cosplay. The following are the answers from our entries.

Top three winners


I love being able to share joy with people. When someone sees a kid asking to help people, they only see age. But when I dress as a hero, they see a boy trying to become so much more. They let me help. They let me encourage them. I can bring a smile to their faces! -#Spideykid


I love cosplay because it allows me to be creative and expressive with characters and fandoms that I love. I also love it for the kids. When I am a character they know? It is so rewarding to get to hug and be with them. I love answering their questions!


What do I love about cosplay? For me its all about being another person. Feeling powerful and beautiful and magical. Getting to take on a different personality and look. Being of another world.

Honorable mentions


I enjoy being a female for a day. Being connected to other cosplayers at comic cons, learning from each other in making cosplay and poses for photo shoot.


Why do I love cosplay? It’s because I can be whoever I want. 💕
Also cosplay is the best of all of my worlds. I love crafting, sewing, acting and being a lil bit crazy. Basically it is my art and also I can express myself better when I’m happy and cosplaying makes me happy.


I love cosplay because you get to be the characters you love while hanging out with your friends and sometimes family too.


I love cosplaying because I get to dress up as my favorite characters. Also being able to use my skills, and just having a fun time being a nerd.

Congratulations to all!

I have some of the most amazing followers. I love the passion for Cosplay I get to see every day as I scroll through my social media feeds. If you aren’t following these awesome cosplayers, you really should be.

All comments are my opinion or the opinion of the stated cosplayer. This post is sponsored by Cosplay Sewing School because they are awesome!

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