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First Friday – Pokemon

That is a perfect recap of my evening and nothing else needs to be said. Credit to my awesome friend Christine for creating this image about our night.

But for those of you who do not speak Gallifreyan, here is the English version.

For those of you who don’t know, First Friday is a monthly Mini Con sponsored by the St. Louis Science Center.

This month the theme was…Pokemon!

First Friday Friends

This was the hang out crew, missing Cosplay Sewing School‘s Ariana (Twitter Instagram YouTube) and Antiquarian Couture‘s John who are represented by their two adorable minis. The boys said they were asserting dominance and I fell right in line.

In the top left, is Mikhail. He is a super talented cosplayer and one of the nicest most knowledgeable people you will ever meet. I’ve had the chance to hang out with him a few times and I always enjoy it.

Christine is my friend who I met at First Friday, and now it is a tradition to see each other once a month and get lost…literally…in the science center.

She brought her Mimikyu this time and he is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I threatened to take him home a few times, but he ended up going home with her.

Anne from Everything’s Shiny Creations

In addition to these awesome folks, I got to see a few people who I love to see every month, namely Artist Arleana Holtzmann (Facebook Instagram) and Anne at Everything’s Shiny Creations (Facebook Instagram Twitter). I finally got some shoe tags for my River Song cosplay from Everything’s Shiny Creation (can you say, Hello Sweetie?”). I got a pokeball pin and a Captain Picard drawing from Arleana.

I also was very excited to get my second piece of jewelry from Antiquarian Couture, a gorgeous butterfly wing necklace.

I got to introduce Christine to The Fandom Father (Facebook Instagram Tumblr), one of the leaders of a local cosplay group, STL Cosplayers. I got to brag about his mad photography skills and embarrass him.

We have a running joke that even though it is my thing to get selfies with people, I almost always miss getting selfies with him. This picture is what I have to do to get a selfie with Jake.

New First Friday Friends

These heat bags and scrunchies were so geeky! I really wish I had grabbed a couple of Enterprise heat packs from Moore Nerdy (Facebook).

I met a few new hufflepuff friends. Gengar Baggins.

Gengar Baggins and Mimikyu whipping up a little magic with their baby wands from Swish & Flick Wand Co (Facebook).

I wrote about Arch City Crafts (Facebook) in another First Friday post and I finally saw them again. Their bags tonight were just as amazing. Can I have all the bags from Arch City Crafts for my birthday please?

We met an awesome self published author, J.E. Nelson (Facebook Instagram Twitter). She talked to us for quite a while and gave Christine and I some tips for when we start to promote our own books. Her books raise awareness and acceptance of Autism.


Also, I saw some of the best kid cosplay this month! You have to check out these awesome little cosplayers.

The cutest little Misty and Brock.

Cute little Blastois.

And amazing cosplay here!

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