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How to cosplay – Sadness


I wanted a cosplay that was closer to my body type. I wanted a cosplay for a character I related to.


So I picked Sadness from Inside Out.

Before you start getting defensive, let me remind you, Sadness is the hero of the movie. At least in my opinion. She is a character that overcomes for the greater good. I love her and relate to her a lot.

Disclaimer: Admittedly, I haven’t been able to get good pics of this cosplay or try the makeup/sealer. I will update this when I do.

Clothes – $26

I got a dark blue Leggings and light blue shirt. This is reflective of Sadness’s actual outfit.

The shirt wasn’t as long as I was hoping, but it fit just fine. I liked the collar a little more loose.

These brand of Leggings are my FAVORITE. They are so soft and they wear really well.

I probably could have gotten these cheaper if I’d been patient, but I am not .

Makeup – $26

This is where I splurged. I did a lot of research and figuredI could use this for other cosplays as well.

I got a really nice setting spray (which I should have already had, let’s be honest). My biggest problem with any makeup is my greasey face. All makeup just slides off. I’m hoping this will help.

I chose a lighter blue makeup to contrast the wig. I also researched this and it had sone great reviews.

Extras – $5

These glasses and wig were C-H-E-A-P and show it. But, hey! They were cheap!

The wig fits good, but it was very shiny. I thought the cut was great and didn’t need a lot of styling. I’m going to try to take a bit of the shine out of it, but for the price I love it!

The glasses were perfect! I really loved them. Unfortunately, they are not durable and have been stepped on, so I will be ordering new ones. They took FOREVER to ship, but they were $1 so who can complain?


In conclusion

I loved this cosplay. I am going to wear it with black flats I already have. It was only around $50, including the splurge on the setting spray and I think it looks pretty good!

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