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How to Cosplay – The 13th Doctor

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I love The Doctor. I have several plans for Doctor cosplays. But there was something cool about being able to cosplay The Doctor in her original form, not Genderbent.

I’ll be honest, I’ve only seen one of Jodie’s episodes (I just purchased the DVDS so this will be fixed soon). But I love her mix of the different Doctors.

I put this cosplay on and it felt like slipping on my own skin. This doesn’t happen often when I cosplay so it was super exciting for me.

This cosplay actually started almost by accident.


I was browsing Ebay for Her Universe clothes and this shirt popped up…for ridiculously cheap.

Now, this is why I advocate patience in cosplay if you want it cheap. This is NOT normal. I have no idea how I ended up with it so cheap. (Less than $6, are you kidding???)

These are more accurate of the cheapest you can find these shirts.

Which is still a lot cheaper than buying it from the store. You’ll notice, one of them is a bidding option and the other is a buy-it-now.

Always realize when you are buying online there is risk involved. Especially when you get things cheap. They might be cheaply made, it might be a scam in general, or you might get the best deal in the universe (HELLO $6 SHIRT!)

Once I had acquired the shirt, I had to build the rest of the outfit.

The white undershirt was easy. I just grabbed one of the several I have in my closet.

Suspenders (Bracers)

I started on Ebay. Just because the shirt was cheap didn’t mean I wanted to blow a bunch of money on suspenders. Her suspenders had the cool leather button straps and were fairly bright yellow.

One of these has the color and the bottom one has the right button attachments. I decided I could probably add the leather for that price. (I still have leftover scraps from hook).

But I wasnt done. I decided to wear the outfit to my next event…so I needed the suspenders in a rush. That is where Prime comes in really handy. I lost just over $2, but I got them in 2 days instead of 6+ weeks.


I absolutely love love love her cuff. It is very specific, with stars on the top and a pair of shaking hands in the lobe. When I tried to find this earring, it was pricy. We are talking $40+. This whole outfit didn’t cost that.

So I had this earring. I bought it ages ago and had it laying around. All I needed was the cuff, which I also had laying around. Because I love cuffs.

My cuff had a detachable chain. I found these (and bought them) that the post could easily be removed. You will be seeing these soon.


I realized the morning of the con I didn’t have the blue socks. How could I miss the socks? I panicked and started digging through my sock drawer. When I came up for air, I was holding a brand new pair of bluish tights I got from Walmart for $1. A pair of scissors and 10 minutes later! I had blue leg warmers!


I actually had almost a perfect pair of boots in my closet. unfortunately, they were falling appart, so I taped them together. They barely made it through the con, so I will be needing to fix them before I wear them again. I’ve only had these cheap shoes for about 10 years.

New pants

As you can see in the picture of my full outfit, my pants were WAY off. I was walking in Walmart the other day and saw capris that had the wide leg. The color is way off, but they were on the clearance rack and closer than what I had.


The Doctor is never complete without her TARDIS! It also never hurts to have something to carry stuff in.

I got my bag as a gift, but I found a similar bag on Ebay

And a more exact one on Aliexpress.

Next stuff I need

I’m obviously waiting on a few items to really make this cosplay perfect.

I still need the coat. Which I will either have to save for or make (or both). They currently run at least $60+ and that isn’t in the budget right now.

I obviously need the Sonic Screwdriver. Thirteen is still really new so her sonic is still very expensive. One day, I will get one. But for today, I am pre-sonic.

The last thing I need to really make this cosplay is the blonde wig. I have a wig maker I will be going to (Jonathan Eberhardt), but again, it all comes down to the money. Jonathan is super reasonable, but only produces quality wigs. This will probably be the first item I will purchase for her.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the process of watching me build Thirteen. The reason I included stuff I need is to show you can have a good cosplay without everything.

Even without the cheap shirt, the cosplay I had for the con was well below $50. For me, it was less than $15.

You don’t have to have the perfect cosplay to have fun. I felt so good in this cosplay and I will be wearing it again soon!

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  1. Paula August 25, 2019

    Ahh brilliant cosplay. I would like to do the thirteen dr one day though not to keen on the pants & jacket

    • Iso Rivers September 10, 2019 — Post Author

      Thank you so much!!! Yes, I wasn’t able to afford the pants and the jacket, so I just wore the outfit without it.

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