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Mighty Con Review – It’s All About People

I am consistently surprised by the fact that every con is different. Today was no exception. I went to Mighty Con I. the same location I went to Anime ST Louis a few months ago. It was completely different.

Mighty con was one room, with a small stage in one of the corners. Where the last con I went to was completely focused on programming with almost no vendors, this con was a whole vendors room. I really enjoyed seeing all of the talented artists, authors and craftsmen. I spent the entire weekend making new friends and seeing old ones.


Glass Art

Loki Reeves – Check out the fire!

I found some adorable glass Jigglypuff figure and some gorgeous glass roses at Loki Reeves’ table. They stopped and explain to me how they used a special type of ruler to measure the glass to get the right proportions. Was really cool to watch and him actually make the glass there. Note the flame in the picture.

If you want to see some really cool stuff go check out his Instagram page here @loki_Reeves


J.P. Strohm, Jay Erickson, and his daughter

I met two fantasy authors who collaborate and write stories in the same world. They had an awesome map and showed me where their stories took place in the fantasy world. J.P. and I had a great discussion on writing and getting stable and Jay told me about how he used photography as a base for his artistic cover designs.

Jay’s daughter was there selling her book as well. She was both the author and illustrator!

You can see their stuff at:

J.P. Strohm
Jay Erickson

Another author I had the pleasure meeting was William Heinzen, from North Dakota. We had a great chat about everything from self publishing to the importance of color in cover design.

I really liked William’s focused approach to his book and marketing. A lot of authors have fancy banners and tablecloths. The only thing on William’s table was 3 stacks of books, business cards and bookmarks. It was so different and visually clear I was drawn to it.

His book, like my current WIP, is about the struggle between light and dark magic. I got a signed copy and I can’t wait to read it!

You can find William’s stuff here

Other Awesome Saturday Stuff

I was able to see my awesome friend, Chef Ryan, and his wife. I failed to get a selfie with them, sad. But it was great to see a friendly face and get to chat about their new projects! You can see Ryan’s stuff here

At the costume contest I met this hilarious cosplay team. They won for team cosplays. I thought their creativity was fantastic!

I saw an artist (failed to get a selfie) who drew epic dragons! His name is John E. Kauffmann and you can see his stuff here

Featured on the left are the group I call “Girls at the table”. I broke one of my scale leg bands and went over to their table and sat awkwardly trying to fix it. (I seriously need to think about bringing a handler when I’m in this outfit.) They were pointing out who all the cosplayers were passing by and what shows they were from. I decided to make things more awkward and ask them what show my costume was from. Once I confessed it wasn’t from anything we had a fun conversation.



I actually saw Coarey both days, but finally managed to get a selfie with him on Sunday. I met this talented artist and storyteller at Archon last year and he drew a picture of my Neesa cosplay.

We were able to chat about the different cons we had been to and he talked to me about the difference between a good vendor/artist con and a good participant con.

You can see Coarey’s stuff here

I saw Simply Kitt’s Star Wars Elephants on Saturday, but finally had a chance to stop and get a selfie on Sunday. She travels all over the country with her adorable art. We had a great conversation about different cons, her new kitty, her gorgeous lion kitty who she lost not very long ago, and her new comic project that I’m very excited to see!

We were joined by Gyren and family in our conversation (not pictured, but she took my Neesa photo for the header). We all had a great time comparing notes on different cons and I found a few that I need to check out!

If you want to see Kitt’s awesome art, check her out here


Coarey told me to go talk to this awesome author and I am so glad he did! He gave me some awesome advice about writing perspective, hybrid publishing, and writing fight scenes. I hope i can catch one of his workshops soon.

He also has a book based in my hometown (and his), St. Louis! I am super excited to read it. He also has some pretty cool suspense and steampunk stuff.

If you want to check out Jay Noel’s stuff, click here

Another author I got to talk to Sunday was Jak Lore. I really liked his books because they were hybrid genre. This Chicago based author set his books in his hometown, back in 2000, but throws in magic, Angels and Demons for a fantastic adventure! It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it.

If you want to check out his books look here

Other Awesome Sunday Stuff

I got high-fived by a Badger! I got to meet an awesome fellow Hufflepuff (with a cool bag). It made me really happy! And now I want a cool badger.

Overall, Mighty Con was very enjoyable. I got to meet some amazing people and, for me, that is the best part about cons.

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