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I am not affiliated with anyone in this article or MoGameCon. But I would love to be!

This was a short but fun packed experience.

I love hanging out with Ariana from Cosplay Sewing School

MoGameCon was unique because I’ve never been to a con strictly for gaming. As I told several people today, I am a N00b and I have been for about 15 years. I am familiar with the gaming community through my brothers.

I love hanging out with Ariana from CosplaySewingSchool (YouTube , Facebook, Instagram). She is one of the coolest people on the planet and I loved introducING her stuff to other people.

I got to chat with a few people today. The first was Brett Weiss (Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter) from Texas. He is a game expert and writer. I got his book of short stories and have been greatly enjoying them.

I really like how he combines his passions of writing and gaming, like I combing writing and cosplay. He is also a writer for magazines that talk about gaming.

I finally got to meet JP of JP Retro Gaming and Anime (JPGRA) (Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube). I’ve been friends with him for a while on Instagram.

I was able to help with the Cosplay Contest. It was only Mogamecon’s second competition and was the first time that it was run by STL Cosplayers. The Fandom Father did a great job organizing it with what he was given. We had an amazing turnout with fabulous cosplays.

Overall, MoGameCon was a fun little con. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and geek out, no matter the reason.

I hope you enjoy my pics I got with some other cosplayers!

Awesome cosplayers

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