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The Power of the Comic – Mighty Con Review

One of the best parts of conventions for me is having awesome conversations with people. Mighty Con most certainly did not disappoint in this aspect.

As a true Comic Convention, mighty con focused on the comic book aspect of geek culture. Most of the guests were artists or voice over artists. There was an impressive showing of artists and vendors who are passionate about the art.

One of the first booths I had to stop at was Shadows in the attic (Facebook) where I met Dead (Facebook Instagram), Shadow (Facebook), and Crispy. Dead weaves pop tab maille. It was super cool! (You can see the hat in the picture.) The art and conversation at the booth was fabulous as Shadow and I bonded over my TARDIS bag.

I was super excited to see my friends with Devious Hearts (Facebook Instagram)! We got to chat about a few hats I had her make for me and how much she loves Mighty Con. I got to geek out over Doctor Who with the artist (and debate about who and why he put in is collages). I met this awesome duo at Archon and always love to see them.

The next person I got to chat with was Anne at Everything’s Shiny Creations (Facebook Instagram Twitter). I was drawn to her table because I’ve started to hand stamp jewelry and I couldn’t believe all of her stuff was handmade. It looked so perfect I thought it must be laser printed.

Anne and I chatted for a long time and she gave me millions of pointers that will really help me with my future projects. She was super nice and offered to help me anytime. And yes, all of her stuff is precision perfect, and hand stamped! Honestly, I wanted to buy out the whole booth.

A few minutes later, I discovered Christina Liming (Facebook Instagram), a fellow Hufflepuff who I took a picture with a while ago and never got her name. Now I have her name and saw all her amazing jewelry. There was a piece of wrap jewelry that I loved.

As I was standing admiring a dragon photo, the artist asked, “Do you want to touch it?” I was so taken aback I stammered something incoherent back. When I finally could speak and asked for permission to do so, I got to experience a tactile experience. I also loved Ashley Harp’s (Facebook Instagram) cosplay as well.

The only author I met this con was M. Ainhi (Twitter). I am so glad I met her. We had a great conversation about being authors and Twitter. She writes dark fantasy, like I do. Our conversation was far too brief, but I’m certain we will have many more in the future.

I also met a comic book author, Scott J. Larson (Facebook Instagram Twitter Web). His comic books are unique. One of them has “the reader to twist and turn the physical copy creating an interactive reader experience”. And even though the books are part of a series, they all have their own flavor. He also has cosplay contests and the winners are put into the back of his comic books!

One of the most adorable booths, and another fascinatingly stimulating conversation, were created by Wildelights (Facebook Instagram Twitter . In addition to their chubby unicorn and other adorable cast of characters, the owners also go to great lengths to ensure all their products are ethically sourced, made in the USA, and affordable. Oh, and did I mention part of their proceeds go to charity? Seriously, this couple is amazing and I absolutely adore their art.

One of the best perks was getting to meet @Fernandoholtcosplays face to face! I regularly tell people who follow me online that I want to meet up at conventions. Fernandoholtcosplays is one of my best supporters online and now I have a selfie with them!

Can we all pause here and note the amazingness that is this man?!? I just want to scream, cry, and hug him! Seriously! Mr. Hufflepuff Guy, I hope you see this and I hope you know how awesome you are. You make my little Hufflepuff heart happy.

Now, the majority of my time at the convention I actually spent hanging out with one of the coolest artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I met Arleana Holtzmann (Facebook Instagram) earlier this year and became an immediate fan of her art. Her watercolors are absolutely stunning. I’ve started my own exclusive collection.

Arleana and her friend of thirty years, Michela, let me hang out with them at their booth for a long time and I got to know them a bit more, and as you can see in the photos, they are a blast! Hopefully we will be hanging out more in the future.

Overall, Mighty Con was a lot of fun. Even though I only got to go one day, I really enjoyed the diverse group of people I had the opportunity to see and meet.

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