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Pre mighty con lineup

This will be my first con in almost two months. I have had several life altering events since my last con that left me little inspired to talk to people.

I am pleased that my first con is Mighty Con. I am very excited for a lot of the voice over artists and the cosplay contest.


I will be cosplaying my Original Character, Neesa. It is one of my favorites. The corset and scalemail is difficult to beat. When I put one the scales I immediately feel powerful.

This will be the first time I debut the leather headband with the mask. I am hopeful it will make the mask much more comfortable to wear.

For those of you who did not read my con review of Archon, (here) the last time I wore my last for an extended period of time, it peeled my face off. Fortunately, there are no scars on my forehead to verify the story.


I am taking this one day at a time, so I may decide to take Sunday off. But I have had a blast in the last few days putting together a casual cosplay I like to call a “Hufflepunk” outfit.

I have a full breakdown of the outfit here.

I love it because it shows the wilder side of Hufflepuff.

I hope to meet everyone going to Mighty Con! If you see me on Sunday, say hi! I have a bag full of snichs to trade for selfies! If you are going, leave a comment below!

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