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Short Story – Rienspel by Ryan P. Freeman

One of the first indie authors I got well aquainted with was Ryan P. Freeman. His high fantasy, Rienspel, creates an in depth world that unfolds layer upon layer as he combines myth, religious history, and fantastical creatures into a story of growth and belonging.

When I asked if he said something to share with my readers, he said:

“A little while ago, I began chopping up my main fantasy, Rienspel, into an issue-by-issue series. Attached is the first issue, free o’ charge, for all your readers! Here’s the back cover description for issue one:

“What Rien Discovers about his past will change his future…

Rien Sucat wiles his days away, bored stiff in his small backwoods village. But after he encounters a flaming phoenix, his safe familiar world begins unraveling. Suddenly, all-consuming choices like which profession he’ll learn, or the fate of his missing father, are dwarfed in light of the mysterious firebird, along with the terrible secrets his older brother and the town watch harbor.

Every epic has its own humble beginnings… adventure with Rien as he launches out on his own with the first issue of the Rienspel series. Enter The Forest – full of dark terrors, lost ruins, and long-hidden secrets.

Rien’s tale continues with the next installment of the Rienspel series: Rienspel, Issue II: The Village – OR – Read the entire series by snagging a copy of The Phoenix of Redd, Volume I: Rienspel.”

To read this story, click Rienspel Issue One – The Forest SM.

Author bio:

Ryan was born in Portland, Oregon on February 24th, 1988. He’s the (upper) middle child out of four (three sisters – how he survived is a secret).

Ryan’s been devouring books ever since he learned to read. To this day, he loves the smell of rain, the rumble of storms, and the scent of pine forests. His favorite stories growing up were old tales with Robin Hood and King Arthur – along with a ginormous rambling list of other myths, legends, and fantasy works.

Since he began publishing his fantasy works in 2016, Ryan has also become an active member of the St Louis Writers Guild, founded the Hannibal Writers Guild, and helped market, edit, and format for other aspiring authors. He is repped by Patty Carothers of Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

Ryan lives with his wife in a little house near the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can read more about Ryan and all his literary endeavors at his author website here:

I do not own any of this material. I am not officially affiliated with Ryan, but I admire his work and we are working on a different project together (if I ever get my act together).

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