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Why I Wear Crazy Clothes – Bringing a Smile

I don’t know if it is real people or just people in my head, but I hear it all the time. “You are going to wear that?” “Seriously, you are 30. That is for little girls.” “You probably shouldn’t wear that in public if it isn’t a con.”

But you know what? I broke through that. I recently got back from vacation to the beach where I wore a mermaid inspired swimsuit.

I was on a busy vacation. My hair was greasy, I hadn’t kept up with my skin care so I don’t have to explain how my face looked. I was going to the beach so I wore no makeup.

I was, what I consider, a mess.

And you know what?

Almost everyone who looked at me smiled. Dozens of people complemented me. I haven’t gotten that many positive comments from strangers (outside of cons) in years.

I would like to back up to the point. Sure I love the compliments…but almost everyone who saw me smiled. I made dozens of people happy just by walking around the little beach town.

There was no effort in that, besides getting over myself. And I had a positive impact on a dozen lives.

So why do I wear crazy clothes? It makes me and other people happy.

So why not?

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