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Why I Wear My Geek On My Sleeve

I just turned 30. I am officially mid-life. No more young 20’s. I was discussing life and all things adulting with a friend of mine in the same boat. And you know what we decided?

Adults need to play more.

If you disagree with me, check out my article with the scientific research that backs me up. I love playing. In family and large group gatherings you can generally find me with the kids, playing.

Which brings me to my point. There is one main reason I wear my geek on my sleeve. To attract other adults who love to play.

It attracts like minded people

Remember when you were a kid and the hardest thing about making friends was figuring out who your best friend was because you loved them all? Neither do I. But watch little kids sometime. They talk to pretty much everyone, and if you are willing to talk back then you are their friend.

As adults, we don’t do that. We are too scared of being weird to talk to the random stranger. Unless they are wearing something from our fandom.

I wear this with jeans and sans headband for casual wear.

Try it for yourself

Don’t believe me? Wear something from your Hogwarts house around for a few days and count how many people talk to you. Wear an Assassins Creed or Power Rangers Hoodie and watch the magic (for some reason people are less inclined to talk to people wearing Avengers items. My guess is because it is so mainstream).

I love talking to adults who also enjoy my fandoms. It is the #1 reason I wear my geek on my sleeve. But it isn’t the only reason.

It helps me avoid people I wouldn’t click with

Another reason I wear my geek on my sleeve is because it is stuffy repellent. People who are judgey and intolerant generally avoid “weird” people like me. Thank goodness!

My geek attire gives people a lot of information about me up front. While this attracts like minds, it repels people who wouldn’t like me.


It is Empowering

Another reason I wear my geek on my sleeve is because it is empowering. The characters I wear all exhibit some quality that I love and I want to imitate.

Think about it. I wear Hufflepuff almost constantly. A reminder to be just, loyal, and kind. And to bring happiness. Captain Phasma is strong, driven, and determined.

What about you?


Why do you or do you not let your geek flag fly? I’d love to hear!

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