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Wizard World Cosplay Lineup

First, I want to say if you are going to Wizard World STL, FIND ME and let’s take a picture together! I will be posting them on my blog post following the convention.

Now, without further adieu, here are my costumes for WizardWorld STL!

Concept drawing by @wickedalways

Friday: Genderbent Robin Hood from ABC’s Once Upon A Time

I didn’t always love Robin Hood’s character… but I love it now! Robin Hood in general is a classic. This version is a woman. As such I’ve made some changes.

First, It utilizes a corset I’ve been waiting for a long time. The boots are my favorite one high boots. The added skirt emphasises the femininity of the character.

I’m still working on a con appropriate bow. I wanted a lion tattoo, but the long sleeves would cover it anyway

Saturday AM: Tauriel from The Hobbit

Tauriel was my first cosplay. I’m quite proud of how it turned out. It is my most popular cosplay up to this point, and I think for very good reason.

I had to replace my corset. I ripped it to shreds dancing at my brother’s wedding. I got an identical one, so it didn’t change the look. I’m also missing her necklace. It’s somewhere in the house and I’m not paying 7 times the price for one to get here Saturday.

Saturday PM: Neesa Original Character

Neesa is a character from my short stories. I’ve worn this costume to other cons, and it is my favorite. She is so dark and mysterious.

I’ve made a few changes. This year I’ll be adding scars (so excited!). This is the reason she wears a mask.

The other major alteration is the replacement of the chain on the mask. After the mask peeled skin off my forehead at Archon 41, I decided something had to change. I found a few elastic headbands and changed out the chains.

Sunday: Annabeth from Percy Jackson and Rey from Star Wars Mashup

This is my first mashup and I’m thrilled and scared to death all at once. I think most people will recognise BB8, at the very least.

I love the versatility of Rey’s costume. It is very generic and lends itself to mashups very nicely. Most people will recognize the Camp Halfblood t-shirt and camp necklace.

Most people probably don’t know about Annabeth’s father’s class ring, hanging from the Camp necklace. Also, I intended for the hair to be blonde. Unfortunately, the temp hair spray I bought failed miserably. So I am settling for Rey’s hair color.

See you all at Wizard World!

Like what you see? Have suggestions? Comment and share! Again, if you see me, take a picture with me!!! I’d love to meet you.

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