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5 reasons I love comic conventions (Wizard World STL 2018)

Wizard World Comic Con did not disappoint. It provided an amazing weekend off fun and education. And I barely scratched the surface of the activities available.


Jason, Ray, and I on the last day of the con

The first day I attended a panel called Author’s Journey by Ray Wenck ( While he had all the technical stuff and was a vast wealth of knowledge in both self publishing and contracts, the theme that he kept driving home was, just write, and write what you love because other people probably love it too. Afterward I thanked him and moved on.

Later that day I went by his booth. What ensued was a lengthy in depth discussion with myself, Ray, and his booth mate Jason Nugent ( Both of these successfully published authors took a great amount of time sharing their expertise and answering my questions.

They also invited me to email, and connect with them on social media so they could help me keep on track with my writing goals and desires. This was an offer they extended to others as well, who took the time to ask.

The second day I went to a panel on anxiety and cosplay. The presenter, Lauren of Thousand Faces Cosplay ( delivered a candid, honest insight into her struggles with mental health. Lauren’s candid manor seemed to reach every person in the room where they were in their individual journeys.

The reoccurring theme of her presentation was, you are not alone, and you don’t have to deal with it on your own. She repeatedly implored each person there that if she could be of any help at all to email her directly and personally. This is a person most people would categorize as extremely busy. But she repeated over and over she would be there if anyone needed help. That is the unique message and purpose of the con world.

We are all going through the similar things
No one is alone
Because everyone has felt alone
So we are there for each other.

If you ever have a chance to hear Lauren speak, don’t miss it.

Exhibitors Floor

Most people think of the floor as a place to just drop way too much money. But if you take the time, you can get new best friends on the floor…and maybe learn a thing or two.

Chef Ryan has created a cookbook…that you can color! It not only a book of recipes, but it also teaches the basics of cooking. ( It’s just an example of the creative innovation you can find at a con.

I met these two awesome fantasy authors and chatted with them throughout the con. Check them out at and

I didn’t get a picture, but I also had great conversations with Richard Thor Artwork ( who is an artist.

I am waiting for comic book writer, Bob Salley’s newest Fantasy graphic novel to be released. (

And I drooled over the fantastic artistry of Talenshi, the art of Karen Swartz. (


I met a TON of awesome cosplayers! Here are a few I snapped pictures of:

I absolutely LOVE this Hufflepuff outfit. It is amazing. This is the only reason I would ever consider owning yellow pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch this cosplayers name.

This cosplay family rocked! Bethany just made all of these cosplays from scratch…and if you know me at all, you’ll know I’m obsessed with minions. And a family that cosplays together, stays together.

Believe it or not, this is Michelle’s first cosplay build! Look out Cosplay world, this chick isn’t messing around! Her armor is BOSS!

Bryn and I bonded over being extroverts in and introvert world. We had a great day Sunday geeking out over all things and cracking bad jokes with Chef Ryan. This was Bryn’s first con, but her princesses are unbeatable! She was a different princess every day and rocked them all.

I met a few people that I have interviewed for my blog! These two are so cool! I got some valuable information on wigs from Chari and geeked out about Dr. Who with Faendina.

Twisted Sisters interview will be posted soon!

Cosplay Contest

Epic foam designs

Pennywise shedding his skin after the contest

The cosplay contest was a lot more low key than I expected. It was more of a mutual admiration society than a contest. The contestants messed around, took pictures together, and talked (what else) cosplay.

When the winners were announced everyone was genuinely supportive and happy. Among the people that didn’t win, the feeling was supportive and happy for those who won. They truly were stellar.

I also got to meet The Fandom Father ( at the cosplay contest, but I didn’t get a picture with him! (I blame too much excitement). I guess there is always next time…

This all means…

The Number one reason I love cosplay…is the people.

On the outside it looks like a bunch of crazy people who never grew up and won’t face reality.

But if you care to look, you will see a bunch of people who believe dreams come true. Not like in the movies we watch, but with hard work. These are the people who sit in the audience of Peter pan and clap fast and loud so tinker bell won’t die. People who pay their bills and work hard in the real world, but refuse to lose touch with the imagination that inspired them as kids to dress up and play pretend. In a world of harsh realities, mental illness, and first world problems, you find a group of adults who never lost the childlike urge to reach out to anyone who might be struggling in any way and help them through.

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    Thanks for the shout out! I wish you the best. As always…WRITE! 🙂

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